Toyota 在 10 月 27 日的東京車展中將展示眾多新車型,其中兩個重點作品分別是電動版的 Land Cruiser 和全新的電動 pick-up 車款。電動版的 Land Cruiser Se 以概念車的形式呈現,是一款三排七人座的SUV,繼承了現有 Land Cruiser 的傳統,具備應對各種多變地形的能力。

Land Cruiser Se 的外觀與傳統的 Land Cruiser 截然不同。這款電動版本在車身的輪廓和線條上顯示出流線型美感,與現有的方正外形有所不同。鬼面罩內原本醒目的大型「TOYOTA」字樣由於電動車不再需要大面積的車頭散熱,被縮小了,與細長的頭燈連成一體。

此外,車身上的多處黑色飾條的運用,營造出懸浮式車頂的視覺效果,並增添了一些性能的味道。Toyota 並未公布 Land Cruiser Se 的詳細規格,但目前已知這款車放棄了原有的越野導向的分離式車架,轉而使用了一般車輛常見的單體式架構,懸吊系統也更加注重在公路駕駛性能的表現上。

全新的 pick-up 車型被命名為 EPU 代表著「下一代中型 Pick-up 概念車」。這款車是一款五人座車型,車身尺寸接近 Ford Maverick 。與 Land Cruiser Se 一樣,它也放棄了常見的分離式車架,轉而採用單體式架構,並且懸吊系統的調教也強調了低重心對於公路性能的影響。


此外,在車展中還將展出一款名為 Land Hopper 的車型,這是一輛可折疊式的小型電動三輪車,適合日常短距離代步。除了本身帶來的駕駛樂趣外,它也被宣傳為老年人的理想代步工具。此外,還有一款以太空登陸車輛為概念打造的電動輪椅將亮相,具備越野能力,配備四個馬達,前輪大後輪小的設計,能夠輕鬆克服 50 公分高的樓梯。另外還有最新的NEO轉向系統,看起來類似 bZ4X 的軛式方向盤,但帶有更多功能,油門和煞車都以撥桿方式整合在上面


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Toyota will showcase a variety of new models at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 27th, including two key highlights: the electric version of the Land Cruiser and an all-new electric pick-up truck. The electric Land Cruiser Se will be presented in the form of a concept car and is a three-row, seven-seater SUV inheriting the traditional capabilities of the current Land Cruiser, designed to tackle diverse terrains.

The appearance of the Land Cruiser Se differs significantly from the traditional Land Cruiser. This electric version features streamlined contours and lines, deviating from the boxy shape of its predecessors. The prominent "TOYOTA" emblem on the grille has been reduced in size, as electric vehicles no longer require extensive front-end cooling, and it seamlessly integrates with the elongated headlights.

Additionally, the use of black decorative stripes on the body creates a visual effect of a floating roof, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and adding a touch of performance. Toyota has not disclosed detailed
specifications of the Land Cruiser Se, but it is known that the vehicle has abandoned the previous off-road-oriented separate frame and adopted the common monocoque structure found in regular vehicles. The suspension system has been optimized for highway driving performance.

The new pick-up model, named EPU, represents the "next-generation mid-size pick-up truck concept." It is a five-seater with dimensions comparable to the Ford Maverick. Similar to the Land Cruiser Se, this pick-up has abandoned the traditional separate frame, opting for a monocoque structure, and its suspension system emphasizes the impact of a low center of gravity on highway performance.

Inside the vehicle, a new suspended display interface will be implemented, where digital gauges and multimedia system screens will intersect. The intersection will feature a compact gear lever, electronic handbrake, and integrated vehicle start button interface.

Furthermore, the Tokyo Motor Show will feature a vehicle called the Land Hopper, a foldable electric three-wheeler suitable for short-distance commuting. Besides providing driving enjoyment, it is promoted as an ideal mobility solution for the elderly. Additionally, an electric wheelchair conceptualized from space exploration vehicles will be showcased. This wheelchair, equipped with four motors and designed with larger front wheels and smaller rear wheels, can effortlessly overcome stairs with a height difference of up to 50 centimeters. Lastly, the show will unveil the latest NEO steering system, resembling the column-style steering wheel of the bZ4X but incorporating additional functions, with throttle and brake integration using lever mechanisms.