Tesla 在之前公開 Project Highland 計畫時已透露,Model 3 預計將會在第三季推出。隨著時間逼近,新消息都陸續曝光,最新消息指,新款 Model 3 入門後驅車型將採用寧德時代的新型 M3P 磷酸鐵鋰電池,並加大電池容量,提供更高的續航里程,而共享底盤的 Model Y 也會受益。

據《InsideEVs》報道,新款 Model 3 RWD 入門車型將採用寧德時代的新型磷酸鐵鋰電池,電池容量為 66kWh,比現有的 60kWh 鋰電池提高了約 10%,可將續航里程從 556 公里提升至 610 公里。預計這款車型將於今年 9 月開始生產,並在年底前正式上市。

此外,採用相同底盤的 Model Y 也將採用新型磷酸鐵鋰電池,並將電池容量進一步增加至 72kWh,以提供更出色的續航表現。這款車型預計將於 2024 年推出。


Tesla aims to launch a new version of the Model 3 in the third quarter of this year. Recently, there has been news that the entry-level rear-wheel-drive model will use a new M3P lithium iron phosphate battery from CATL, which will increase the battery capacity and provide a higher range. The Model Y, which shares the same platform, is also expected to benefit from this upgrade.

According to a report from InsideEVs, the new Model 3 RWD entry-level model will use a new CATL lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 66 kWh, which is about 10% higher than the current 60 kWh battery. This will increase the range from 556 km to 610 km. It is expected to start production in September this year and be officially launched before the end of the year.

In addition, the Model Y, which shares the same platform, will also adopt the new CATL lithium iron phosphate battery and further increase the battery capacity to 72 kWh to provide better range performance. This model is expected to be launched in 2024.