Mini 為了增強市場競爭力,不僅推出了 Mini Cooper EV,更推出了純電版本 Mini Countryman 這。而且更加是 BMW 集團首輛在德國生產的純電車型,吸引吧?

Mini Countryman 的第三代車型在外觀上與第二代相似,但借鑒了 Mini Cooper EV 的設計元素,車身線條、燈光造型、泵把和輪圈都更加平整和時尚,為這款車賦予了未來感。內飾方面,與 Mini Cooper 一樣,採用了模塊化設計,以降低成本,但中央的 9.44 寸數碼屏幕極富現代感,整個座艙似乎圍繞在它周圍;當然,內置軟件也可以通過 "Hey Mini" 語音指令進行操作。

對於消費者來說,最關心的可能是儲物空間。在後排座椅正常放置時,Mini Countryman 擁有 460L 的行李箱容積,而在將後排座椅倒下後,容積達到了 1,450L,並設有隔板層,增加了實用性。

在電池和動力性能方面,Mini Countryman EV 提供了 E 和 SE ALL4 高規版本。E 版本擁有 462 km 的純電續航里程,搭載前置電動馬達和 54 kWh 電池,輸出功率為 201 匹馬力和 250 Nm 扭力。而更高規的 SE ALL4 版本則具備 433 km 的純電續航里程,電池容量為 64 kWh,並配備四輪驅動系統,直流快速充電最大功率為 130 kW。

Mini Countryman 將提供四個不同等級,包括 Essential、Classic、Favored 和 JCW。當然,不同等級的車型將配備不同的設備和內飾材質。對這輛車有興趣的朋友,緊記要留意日後的報道。



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In order to enhance its market competitiveness, Mini has not only introduced the Mini Cooper EV but has also brought pure electric technology to the Mini Countryman, its crossover SUV. Notably, this model will be the BMW Group's first electric vehicle to be fully manufactured in Germany, underscoring BMW's high regard for this vehicle.

The third-generation Mini Countryman shares a striking resemblance to its predecessor in terms of overall design. However, it draws inspiration from the design elements of the Mini Cooper EV, featuring smoother and more futuristic body lines, lighting arrangements, front fascia, and wheels. The interior follows a modular design philosophy, akin to the Mini Cooper, to manage costs. Nevertheless, the centerpiece is the sleek 9.44-inch digital screen at the center, lending a highly modern ambiance to the cabin. Of course, built-in software can also be controlled through voice commands using "Hey Mini."

For consumers, the most crucial aspect might be the storage space. When the rear seats are in their upright position, the Mini Countryman offers a luggage capacity of 460L. When the rear seats are folded down, the capacity expands to a generous 1,450L, and it comes with partition layers to enhance practicality.

In terms of battery and power performance, the Mini Countryman EV comes in two versions: E and SE ALL4, with the former boasting a range of 462 km, a front-mounted electric motor, and a 54 kWh battery pack that delivers 201 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. The higher-spec SE ALL4, on the other hand, offers a range of 433 km, a 64 kWh battery, and a four-wheel-drive configuration, with a peak DC fast-charging power of 130 kW.

As per the information currently available, the Mini Countryman will be offered in four different trim levels: Essential, Classic, Favored, and JCW. Naturally, the equipment levels and interior materials will vary based on the trim level. The electric version of the Mini Countryman expands choices for consumers and underscores the BMW Group's commitment to the electric vehicle segment.