Honda Motocompo 這款電單車,相信大家都不陌生,這款曾經與 Honda City 一同販售的 80 年代經典,自電動車世代興起一直有傳 Honda 會把它轉為電動車重新推出市場,終於大家不用再等待,Honda 宣布會推出 Motocompo 的電動版本 Motocomacto!同樣有時尚簡約的外觀和創新的可摺疊設計,以及近 20 公里的續航里程,非常適合在大街小巷遊走,議售價為 995 美元,約合台幣 31,773 元或約 7,777 港元,預計將在 11 月首次在北美上市。


全新的 Motocompacto 是專為城市移動而設計的替代交通工具,靈感來自 Honda 在 1980 年代初推出的 Motocompo 輕型摩托車。它同樣擁有獨特的可摺疊收納設計,將手把和座墊摺疊後的體積僅為 730 x 94 x 540 毫米,可以輕鬆放入汽車後行李箱中。

全新的 Motocompacto 非常注重安全性和耐用性,它採用經過熱處理的鋁合金框架製造,並在時尚簡約的外觀中配備了 LED 頭燈和尾燈、數位儀表、皮質手把座椅等現代科技和舒適配置。此外,通過專屬的應用程式,騎手可以調整照明和行車模式,提高了便利性。

動力方面,Motocompacto 採用單馬達前驅設計,輸出功率為 0.6 匹馬力,最高速度僅為 24 公里/小時,搭載 6.8 Ah 電池組,可以提供近 20 公里的續航里程,主要適用於城市短途出行。充電器可以方便地收納在車體內,支援 110V 家用插座,從零到充滿電的充電時間為 3.5 小時。這款 Motocompacto 使得城市居民有了一個環保便捷的交通工具選擇。



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The Honda Motocompo, a motorcycle that many are familiar with, especially from its 1980s heyday when it was sold alongside the Honda City, has long been rumored to make a comeback as an electric vehicle in the era of electric mobility. Finally, the wait is over as Honda has announced the launch of the electric version of the Motocompo, called the Motocompacto! It retains the same stylish and minimalist design, innovative foldable features, and offers a range of nearly 20 kilometers, making it ideal for maneuvering through city streets. Priced at $995 USD, approximately 31,773 Taiwanese dollars or 7,777 Hong Kong dollars, it is set to debut in North America in November.

The all-new Motocompacto is designed as an alternative urban transportation solution, drawing inspiration from Honda's introduction of the Motocompo lightweight motorcycle in the early 1980s. It retains the unique foldable design, with dimensions of only 730 x 94 x 540 millimeters when the handlebars and seat are folded, allowing it to fit easily into the trunk of a car.

Safety and durability are paramount for the Motocompacto. It features a heat-treated aluminum frame and combines a sleek, minimalist appearance with modern technology and comfort features, including LED headlights and taillights, digital instrumentation, and a leather-covered handlebar seat. Moreover, riders can conveniently adjust lighting and driving modes through a dedicated mobile app, enhancing convenience.

In terms of power, the Motocompacto employs a single-motor front-wheel-drive configuration, producing 0.6 horsepower, with a top speed of just 24 kilometers per hour. It comes equipped with a 6.8 Ah battery pack, offering a range of nearly 20 kilometers, primarily suited for short urban commutes. The charger can be conveniently stored within the vehicle and supports 110V household outlets, with a charging time from zero to full in 3.5 hours. This makes the Motocompacto an eco-friendly and convenient transportation choice for urban residents.