Crown 推出了 SUV 之後,Toyota 把他們的旗艦級豪華轎車 Century,也推出了 SUV 車型,銷售預期每月僅為 30 輛。它比之前任何一款 Toyota/Lexus SUV 都要豪華得多,但也是最昂貴的。它的售價為 2,500 萬日元,約合 170,000 美元,即約 133 萬港元或 543 萬新台幣。

這款水平分隔燈的方正 SUV 十分巨大,全長 5,205mm,寬 1,990mm,高 1,805mm。它比 Century 轎車短,但更寬,只能容納 4 人而不是 5 人。它擁有寬大的軸距,為 2,950 mm,重達 2,570kg。

如此豪華,後排座椅上落應該非常方便,因為 C 柱上有抓握把手,電動可展開的電動滑門以及後門可打開至 75 度的角度。

就像庄重的轎車一樣,它放棄了 Toyota 徽標,取而代之的是前後都可以找到的更加高貴的鳳凰徽標,還有優雅的多輻輪毂。

Century SUV 的底盤是廣泛使用的 TNGA 平臺,但提升了車身抗扭剛性和其他改進方面進行了升級以提高乘坐舒適性。Toyota 尾箱一側安裝了透明夾層玻璃,讓安坐在椅子上的乘客聽不到來自尾箱區域的任何噪音。此外,還有一種「後排舒適」模式,啟用後,將以不干擾後排乘客的方式分配駕駛和制動力。

新 Century 的核心是一款插電混合動力系統,採用 3.5 升 V6 引擎,配備 CVT 波箱和四輪驅動,這得益於後輪馬達。它提升 406 馬力( 303 kW )的綜合輸出,與 Lexus TX 550h+ 相匹配,順帶一提,轎車的第二代是 Toyota 唯一的 V12 生產車型。

這款車型將在日本的部分經銷商處銷售,Toyota 計劃擴大車型的度身訂造的選項,讓車主們能夠擁有真正獨一無二的車型。可是大家不用擔心,Century 轎車仍將繼續銷售的。



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優惠價:HKD 2,600  (原價:HKD 3,580)

After the launch of the Crown SUV, Toyota has introduced an SUV version of their flagship luxury sedan, the Century. The sales target for this model is only 30 units per month. It is more luxurious than any previous Toyota/Lexus SUV, but also the most expensive, with a price tag of 25 million Japanese yen, approximately $170,000 USD, or about 1.33 million Hong Kong dollars, or 5.43 million New Taiwan dollars.

This horizontally split headlamp SUV is quite massive, measuring 5,205mm in length, 1,990mm in width, and 1,805mm in height. It is shorter than the Century sedan but wider, accommodating only 4 passengers instead of 5. It boasts a generous wheelbase of 2,950mm and weighs 2,570kg.

With such luxury, getting in and out of the rear seats should be very convenient, as there are grab handles on the C-pillar, electrically deployable sliding doors, and rear doors that can open up to 75 degrees.

Like a stately sedan, it forgoes the Toyota emblem in favor of a more prestigious phoenix emblem that can be found both front and rear, along with elegant multi-spoke wheels.
The Century SUV is built on the widely used TNGA platform but has been upgraded for improved body torsional rigidity and other enhancements to enhance ride comfort. Toyota has installed laminated glass on one side of the cargo compartment isolator so that passengers sitting in the rear seats won't hear any noise from the cargo area. Additionally, there's a "Rear Comfort" mode that, once activated, allocates driving and braking power in a way that doesn't disturb the rear passengers.

At its core, the new Century features a plug-in hybrid powertrain based on a 3.5-liter V6 engine, paired with a CVT gearbox and all-wheel drive, thanks to an electric motor mounted in the rear. It delivers a combined output of 406 horsepower (303 kW), matching the Lexus TX 550h+. Interestingly, the second-generation Century sedan is the only Toyota production model with a V12 engine.

This model will be available for sale at select dealerships in Japan, and Toyota plans to expand customization options for the vehicle, allowing owners to have truly unique cars. But don't worry, the Century sedan will continue to be available for sale.