Toyota 的 C-HR 車款一向以前衛的設計風格在車迷中穩佔一席之地,尤其是在歐洲市場更是受到矚目。現在,Toyota 推出了 C-HR 的第二代車型,讓人期待不已!

這款新車的造型概念明顯參考了品牌去年推出的 Prologue Concept,讓人眼前一亮。車頭設計採用與 Crown、Prius 相似的視覺堆疊,再加上日行燈的導光條造型,簡直是一道驚豔的風景線!而車尾更是設計獨特,採用貫穿式尾燈,再配上誇張的保桿造型,讓整個車身散發著前衛的氣息。

內裝方面可能沒有太多耀眼的驚喜,但 Toyota 在質感的提升上下了不少功夫。儀表板採用 12.3 吋配置,數位介面與 Crown、Corolla Sport 相同,而中央觸控螢幕更是提供 8 吋或 12.3 吋兩種選擇,當然還配備了無線 Apple CarPlay 及 Android Auto,讓你的行車體驗更加智慧化。

動力部分也沒有馬虎,Toyota 一口氣推出了四種動力編成,讓你可以依照自己的需求做出最佳選擇。尤其是 2.0 PHEV 插電式油電,最大綜效馬力竟然高達 223 匹,不得不讓人讚嘆!還有,GR Sport Premiere Edition 特仕車更是為車迷帶來了更多的驚喜,包含水箱護罩、20 吋大圈胎、亮黑飾板、雙色座椅等獨享配置,讓 C-HR 更具個性。

目前,C-HR 第二代車款的正式市場投放時程尚未公布,但相信這款前衛、智慧、個性的車款一定會讓世界各地的車迷引頸期盼!

Toyota's C-HR has always had a reputation for its avant-garde design, and is especially popular in the European market. Now, Toyota has launched the second generation of the C-HR, which is highly anticipated by fans !

The design concept of this new car is clearly inspired by the brand's Prologue Concept that was launched last year, and it is truly eye-catching. The front design adopts a visual stacking style similar to that of the Crown and Prius, and is further enhanced by the LED daytime running lights. Meanwhile, the rear is designed with unique full-width taillights and exaggerated bumper lines, giving the whole car a futuristic look.

Although there may not be too many dazzling surprises in the interior, Toyota has put a lot of effort into improving the quality. The dashboard is equipped with a 12.3-inch display, and the digital interface is the same as that of the Crown and Corolla Sport. The central touch screen is available in 8 inches or 12.3 inches, and of course, it also comes with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a smarter driving experience.

The powertrain is also impressive, with Toyota releasing four powertrain configurations for customers to choose from. The 2.0 PHEV plug-in hybrid has a maximum combined output of 223 horsepower, which is truly amazing! Additionally, the GR Sport Premiere Edition special edition brings even more surprises for fans, with exclusive features such as a grille guard, 20-inch wheels, black accents, and two-tone seats that add personality to the C-HR.

Currently, the official market launch schedule for the second-generation C-HR has not been announced, but we believe that this avant-garde, intelligent, and personalized car will surely be eagerly awaited by fans around the world !