Tesla 周日公布 2023 年第二季全球交車數據,創下 466,140 輛的新高紀錄,超出華爾街預期。這也是 Tesla 歷史上單季交車量最高的一次,較去年同期增長 83%。這顯示出 CEO Musk 的降價銷售策略取得了預期的效果。彭博分析師原先預期 Tesla 上季交車量為 448,350 輛。

分析師表示,Tesla 上季產量達 479,700 輛,連續第五季產量高於交車量。但他們密切關注的生產與交付之間的差距已縮小到 13,560 輛,優於第一季的近 18,000 輛。Tesla 降價以追求銷量的策略還將持續到明年,並採取各種促銷策略吸引消費者,例如今年稍早的全面降價、6 月 30 日前交付的電動車在美國可享受三個月免費快充服務等。Tesla 沒有公佈單款車型或特定地區的交車數量。除占總銷量 96% 的 Model 3 和 Model Y 外,該公司還生產 Model S 和 X。重型電動卡車 Semi 的交車工作去年 12 月開始,但尚未大量生產。
在 Tesla 的第二大市場中國大陸,該公司的銷售量遠遠落後於比亞迪,後者擁有更新款的車型以及愈來愈大的全球野心。Tesla 上月決定向部分 Model 3 的買家發放現金補貼,並上周宣布中國大陸的高階車款將降價 4.5% 以上。

Tesla 今年首季的營業利潤率從 2022 年前二個月的 19.2% 降至 11.4%,但仍高於許多車廠。Tesla 下半年的成長率可能比去年同期放緩至 24%,但仍符合華爾街對於今年交車可達 182 萬輛的預期。Tesla 將在 7 月 19 日公布財報,揭曉今年促銷的努力對利潤的影響。



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Tesla announced on Sunday its global delivery data for the second quarter of 2023, setting a new record high of 466,140 vehicles, exceeding Wall Street's expectations. This is also Tesla's highest quarterly delivery volume in history, with an 83% increase from the same period last year. This shows that CEO Musk's pricing and sales strategy has achieved the desired effect. Bloomberg analysts originally expected Tesla's deliveries for the previous quarter to be 448,350 vehicles.

Analysts said that Tesla's production for the previous quarter reached 479,700 vehicles, marking the fifth consecutive quarter that production has been higher than deliveries. However, the gap between production and delivery that they closely monitor has narrowed to 13,560 vehicles, which is better than the nearly 18,000 vehicles in the first quarter.

Tesla's strategy of lowering prices to pursue sales will continue until next year, and it will adopt various promotional strategies to attract consumers, such as the recent comprehensive price reduction and the three-month free fast charging service for electric vehicles delivered before June 30 in the United States. Tesla did not disclose the number of deliveries for a single model or specific region. In addition to the Model 3 and Model Y, which account for 96% of total sales, the company also produces the Model S and X. The delivery work of the heavy-duty electric truck Semi began in December last year, but it has not yet been produced in large quantities.

In China, Tesla's second-largest market, the company's sales are far behind BYD, which has updated models and increasingly ambitious global goals. Last month, Tesla decided to offer cash subsidies to some Model 3 buyers, and announced last week that high-end car models in mainland China will be reduced by more than 4.5%.

Tesla's operating profit margin for the first quarter of this year fell from 19.2% in the first two months of 2022 to 11.4%, but it is still higher than many car manufacturers. Tesla's growth rate in the second half of this year may slow down to 24% compared to the same period last year, but it still meets Wall Street's expectation of delivering 1.82 million vehicles this year. Tesla will announce its financial report on July 19, revealing the impact of this year's promotional efforts on profits.