Suzuki 在電動車上好像一直沒有甚麼大動作,只是在今年初推出了 eVX 概念 SUV 車型,打算作為電動車領域的前鋒,雖然已確定成為全球戰略車款,但之後一直沒有新消息。半年後的今天有外媒報道指,eVX 量產車型將於 2024 年 10 月推出,最大續航里程約為 400-500 公里。

報道更說,eVX 量產車型將採用 48 kWh 和 60 kWh 兩種電池,前者可提供 400 公里的續航力,後者則可達到 500 公里。車身大小約為 4,300mm,軸距為 2,700mm。
從概念車的外型可以看出,eVX 採用大量有稜有角的線條,Suzuki 希望能夠讓車身做到前衛風格,並具備短行程懸掛、長軸距等設計,充滿越野氣息,高辨識度的頭尾燈組以及扎實的車身線條,預期將成為接下來 Suzuki 電動車的設計範本。

此外,根據先前曝光的測試車車室布局,eVX 量產車型內裝將採用目前車壇愛用的雙螢幕相連模式,並配備全新式樣的方向盤,中控台搭載造型獨特的冷氣出風口,中央鞍座為平整化風格,排檔預期為旋鈕式,整體設計簡潔且具科技感,看來很不錯啊。



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Suzuki seems to have been relatively quiet in the electric vehicle market, with the exception of the eVX concept SUV launched earlier this year. The company hopes to position itself as a pioneer in the field of electric vehicles, and although it has been confirmed as a global strategic vehicle, there has been no news since then. Today, six months later, foreign media reports indicate that the eVX production model will be launched in October 2024, with a maximum range of about 400-500 kilometers.

According to reports, the eVX production model will use two types of batteries: 48 kWh and 60 kWh. The former can provide a range of 400 kilometers, while the latter can reach 500 kilometers. The vehicle size is approximately 4,300mm with a wheelbase of 2,700mm.

From the exterior of the concept car, it can be seen that the eVX adopts a large number of angular lines. Suzuki hopes to achieve a modern and avant-garde style with short suspension travel and long wheelbase design, giving it an off-road feel, high-visibility headlights and taillights, and solid body lines. It is expected to become a design template for Suzuki's future electric vehicles.

In addition, based on the previously exposed interior layout of the test car, the eVX production model will use the popular dual-screen connected mode in the current automotive industry, and will be equipped with a new-style steering wheel. The central control panel features a unique air outlet design, a flat center console, and an expected rotary knob gear shift, with an overall design that is concise and technologically advanced. It seems quite promising.