Honda 終於出手要推出 N-VAN 電動版!並將其命名為「N-Van e:」。

N-Van e: 延續了燃油版車型的寬敞配置,並提供了V2H(車載至家庭)供電功能。它還配備了Honda Connect智能互聯功能,主要用於控制電池調整。Honda 說,續航力以 WLTC標準下會有 210km 以上,並提供 e:L4、e:Fun、e:L2 三種車型供選擇。預計於 2024 年春季正式上市,並將在 2023 年 Japan Mobility Show 亮相,售價尚未公布。

N-Van e: 仍然保留了 N 系列車型強調的寬敞車廂,為貨物提供了方便的使用功能。原廠表示,車底下安裝的電池更薄,車底平坦低矮,結合高車頂設計,實現了大容積的行李空間。最大載重可達 300 kg,可以容納長 30 公分、寬 31 公分、高 28 公分的箱子,總共 71 個。此外,副駕駛座和後排座椅都可以全倒平,方便裝載較長的物品,並且取消了副駕駛座中央支柱,使得上下物品更加方便。

N-Van e: 的三個車型在車內設計上略有不同,e:L4 追求功能性和安全性,e:Fun 追求休閒和自然的設計,適合外出遊玩,而 e:L2 主要針對商用載貨,車輛左側的前後座椅被拆除,底部也降低了。原廠還強調,N-Van e: 在前格柵等地方採用了報廢車保險桿材料,實現環保回收的理念。

作為日本 Honda K-CAR 系列的純電產品首發,N-Van e: 的續航能力和充電性能自然引人關注。目前,原廠表示 N-Van e: 具有  WLTC 210km 或更高的續航里程,並提供 Econ 節能模式,可降低空調對電量的消耗。在充電性能方面,Honda 指出,DC 快充支援最大 50kW 功率,約 30 分鐘可將電量充至 80%,但未提及起充電量。此外,它還配備了 V2L(車載至外部)供電功能,支援最大 1.5kW 的對外輸出功率,透過 Honda Power Supply Connector 裝置可提供家用電器電力。至於動力數據,原廠尚未公布。

N-Van e: 搭載了 Honda Connect 智能互聯系統,最大的功能在於電池的控制。在駕駛前,可以對電池進行預熱,提高整體續航表現。其他功能還包括設置充電時間、設定最大充電功率,以及調整電量充電上限在 80%~100% 之間。此外,在外部供電時,可以設定車輛自身電量供給到多少 % 時自動停止,防止過度供電導致車輛本身電量耗盡。

在安全系統方面,入門的 e:L2 配有 CMBS 碰撞緩解煞車、自動遠光燈、停車雷達、偏離抑制等功能。而中高階車型 e:L4、e:Fun 則標配 Honda Sensing 輔助系統,包括ACC 自動巡航、LKAS 車道維持輔助、電門誤踩抑制功能、標誌識別、前方駛離通知等等。



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Honda is finally stepping into the electric van market with the N-VAN electric version, named "N-Van e:."

N-Van e: continues the spacious design of its fuel-powered counterpart and offers Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) power supply functionality. It is equipped with Honda Connect smart connectivity features primarily used for battery adjustments. Honda states that it will have a range of over 210 km under WLTC standards and will be available in three models: e:L4, e:Fun, and e:L2. The official release is expected in spring 2024, with a debut planned at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Pricing details have not been disclosed yet.

N-Van e: retains the spacious interior emphasized in the N series, providing convenient cargo space. The manufacturer notes that the batteries installed under the vehicle are thinner, resulting in a flat and low floor, combined with a high roof design, creating a large luggage area. It can carry a maximum load of 300 kg and accommodate 71 boxes measuring 30 cm in length, 31 cm in width, and 28 cm in height. Additionally, both the front passenger seat and rear seats can be folded flat, making it easier to load longer items. The central support pillar in the front passenger seat has been removed, further enhancing cargo flexibility.

The three N-Van e: models have slightly different interior designs. e:L4 focuses on functionality and safety, e:Fun aims for leisure and natural design, suitable for outings, while e:L2 is designed primarily for commercial cargo use. In e:L2, the front and rear seats on the left side of the vehicle have been removed, and the floor has been lowered. The manufacturer emphasizes that N-Van e: incorporates recycled car bumper materials in various parts, promoting environmental recycling.

As the debut pure electric product in Honda's K-CAR series, the N-Van e: naturally draws attention to its range and charging capabilities. Currently, Honda states that N-Van e: offers a range of WLTC 210 km or more and provides an Econ energy-saving mode to reduce air conditioning power consumption. Regarding charging capabilities, Honda mentions that DC fast charging supports up to 50 kW power, allowing an 80% charge in about 30 minutes. However, the starting charge level has not been specified. Additionally, it is equipped with Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) power supply functionality, supporting a maximum output power of 1.5 kW to external devices through the Honda Power Supply Connector device, providing power for household appliances. Power data has not been released by the manufacturer yet.

N-Van e: comes with the Honda Connect smart connectivity system, with its main feature being battery control. Before driving, the battery can be preheated to enhance overall range performance. Other functions include setting charging time, adjusting maximum charging power, and adjusting the battery charge limit between 80% and 100%. When providing external power, the vehicle can be set to automatically stop supplying power when the vehicle's own battery reaches a certain percentage, preventing excessive power supply that could deplete the vehicle's battery.

In terms of safety systems, the base model e:L2 is equipped with features such as CMBS (Collision Mitigation Braking System), automatic high beams, parking radar, and lane departure prevention. The mid-to-high-end models e:L4 and e:Fun come standard with the Honda Sensing assistance system, including Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), pedal misapplication suppression function, sign recognition, and forward departure notification, among others.