Tesla Model 3 轉眼間原來已經推出 6 年,一直傳聞的小改款亦終於上線,這次升級包括審美改進、更遠的續航里程和功能升級。

升級後的 Model 3,外觀更加銳利,前後部重新設計,並擁有新的內飾。Tesla聲稱優化了空氣動力學,以提高續航里程並減少阻力和噪音。這些更新目前僅適用於歐洲的後驅和長續航版本。

前部經過改進,擁有更清晰的線條、重新設計的前燈和全新的 LED 日行燈。車輛輪廓保持不變,但後部的 C 型尾燈更加顯眼,將 Tesla 字樣替代了標誌。還新增了兩種顏色:極紅和隱秘灰。

車輛尺寸基本保持不變,但稍微增長了一些。續航里程也得到提升,WLTP 測試中後驅 Model 3 達到 554 km,長續航版本可達 678 km,較現行款增加 11-12%。性能方面,後驅車型 0-100 km/h 加速時間為 6.1 秒,長續航四驅車型為 4.4 秒。


內飾變得更加舒適,擁有環繞式設計,採用鋁和織物材料,改用雙層玻璃,減低 30% 嘈音。全新的氛圍照明遍布整個車內。中控屏幕大小保持不變,但邊框更窄,同時還新增了一塊 8.0 寸的後部顯示屏。Tesla也將控制桿從列式換成了方向盤上的控制,類似 Model S 和 Model X。

音響方面,長續航車型將享受來自 17 個揚聲器的音樂,而後驅版本則有 9 個揚聲器。Tesla還宣稱採用了更強大的麥克風以提高通話品質。

小改款的 Model 3 上海超級工廠開始生產,預計於十月底開始在歐洲和中東地區交付,香港及澳門相信很快有消息,有興趣的朋友請繼續留意拍車男的報道。



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The Tesla Model 3, which has been on the market for six years, has received a subtle but highly anticipated facelift. This upgrade includes aesthetic improvements, extended range, and feature enhancements.

The refreshed Model 3 boasts a sharper exterior design, with both front and rear sections receiving a makeover. Tesla claims to have optimized its aerodynamics to increase the car's range while reducing resistance and noise. These updates are currently available for the European rear-wheel-drive and long-range versions.

The front end has been refined with cleaner lines, redesigned headlights, and new LED daytime running lights. The overall silhouette remains largely unchanged, but the rear now features distinctive C-shaped taillights with the Tesla logo replacing the previous emblem. Additionally, two new colors, Ultra Red and Stealth Gray, have been added to the palette.

While the vehicle's dimensions remain mostly the same, there's a slight increase in length. The WLTP range has also been extended, with the rear-wheel-drive Model 3 achieving 554 km and the long-range version reaching 678 km. Performance-wise, the rear-wheel-drive model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, while the long-range all-wheel-drive variant accomplishes it in 4.4 seconds.

The interior has been designed for enhanced comfort, featuring a wraparound design and a combination of aluminum and fabric materials. Ambient lighting now illuminates the entire cabin, and the central screen remains the same size but with narrower bezels for a more usable screen area. A new 8.0-inch rear display has been introduced, integrating climate, ventilation, and infotainment controls. Tesla has also replaced the column-mounted levers with controls on the steering wheel, similar to the Model S and Model X.

In terms of audio, the long-range model now boasts a 17-speaker sound system, including two subwoofers and two amplifiers. The rear-wheel-drive version comes with nine speakers, one subwoofer, and one amplifier. Tesla claims to have improved call quality with a more powerful microphone.

Production of the updated Model 3 has commenced at the Shanghai Gigafactory, and deliveries are set to begin in late October in Europe and the Middle East. Stay tuned for updates on availability in Hong Kong and Macau.